The risk of complications from COVID-19 is generally greater in people aged 50 years and older with underlying health conditions and in those aged 65 years and older. Most of the infections are being managed in the community and it is essential that we identify treatments that help to reduce the progression of the disease and, therefore, the need for hospital admission.

As a result, the practice has signed up to participate in the PRINCIPLE trial. As there are currently no known treatments for COVID-19 which have proven to be effective, the trial aims to evaluate potential treatments as soon as they are identified. The involves finding out whether selected treatments given to those at higher risk of becoming more ill when they are infected with COVID-19 can help reduce the need for hospitalisation and the length of stay required, helping people recover quicker and with fewer complications.

Who can take part?

Participation is entirely voluntary. It is up to you to decide whether to take part in the trial or not.

The decision to not take part will not affect the standard of care you receive from the NHS in any way, now or in the future.

The trial is open to those aged 50 to 64 who are experiencing symptoms that are likely to be caused by a COVID-19 infection and have at least one of the following conditions:

  • A known weakened immune system because of a serious illness or medication (e.g. chemotherapy);
  • Known heart disease or high blood pressure;
  • Known asthma or lung disease;
  • Known diabetes not treated with insulin;
  • Known mild hepatic impairment (liver disease);
  • Have previously had a stroke or have known neurological problems.

People aged 65 or over even without other illnesses who have symptoms of COVID-19 are also eligible to take part.

Symptoms of COVID-19:

  • a new, continuous cough;
  • and/or a high temperature;
  • these symptoms need to have been experienced for fewer than 15 days.

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